о́бщие усло́вия заключе́ния сде́лок

Terms and conditions:

  • All listed prices plus the statutory value added tax (z.Zt.19%). All costs incurred (E.g. broker brokerage offices and authorities levied fees, costs for certified translations, etc.) shall be borne by the customer. Travel and telephone costs will be additionally charged, insofar as in the price list for performance otherwise is expressly specified. Currently charge euro 0.50 per driven kilometre outside of the listed sites.

  • Should get authority issues, several course required, E.g. separate filling of a request and pick up a permit, so this course will be charged separately.

  • Group rates apply to persons who are resident in the same jurisdiction of same registration office or overruled or. Same admission Board etc., unless the settlement of their affairs through the same Office on the same working day and the necessary documents together in one place picked up or returned can be.

  • If an order intended as a group appointment through the fault of a client (E.g. due to absence or forgotten pass) not as such comes, so will be for all concerned according to the rate of the actual size of the Group devoted billed.

  • Should dates without prior notice not complied by a client, we make the time spent in vain and our expenses in invoice.

  • The order is placed or, adoption can be done orally.

  • Invoices are monthly, each at the end of the month.

  • Jobs should be cancelled for example if an announced transfer was not concluded, we reserve the us in the run-up to the order fulfilment costs as well as the time spent on the job preparation billed to.

  • If during a drive in which a customer is with us in the vehicle an accident occur, the liability from our side to the performance of the existing motor insurance is limited. Any further liability is excluded. Liability for any other foreseeable or unforeseeable events may also not be granted and is hereby excluded.